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27 February 2012

Oscars Rehash-apalooza!

We're baaaa-aaaaack! A and I are definitely going to be doing our little awards show highlights with the creme de la creme: The Academy Awards.

However, we thought we'd start out by just posting our day's email exchanges in which we totally digested everything because we just had to get it all out of our systems before we could think clearly enough to organize our posts for the week. So here's how it went down (with a little editing for flow), and I've added in some photos for reference. Tomorrow we'll start with our recap run-down. I will break these up into separate digestible posts today, because it's a lot. We have a lot to say. Also, in case you didn't know, we are really good at this (especially the more shows we recap!)... so if you want to suggest someone pay us to do this, we'd be on board. Enjoy.

We started the morning here:

M: First of all, I almost started hysterically texting you last night (and thought better of it, and saved it for today) because I couldn’t handle how alien-esque Angie looked. SERIOUSLY. And had her body been a little more… healthy looking, she would have looked great! Because it was a great dress, great makeup, and great hair. BUT GIRLFRIEND!

To which A responded with this (A is in blue; my responses to A's comments are in purple below the pics):

A: Oscars! so much to digest.

I thought Octavia Spencer looked great, as usual (loved her speech - made ME well up!). I thought Melissa McCarthy looked terrible, as usual.

M: I missed her speech because I was coming home from the airport, but I thought she looked fabulous, and she’s just totally won me over. <side note: I apparently *forgot??* to comment back on Melissa McCarthy?! Note my appended comments below>

M: Okay, I'm going out on a limb here... I liked the color. But please, I don't know how many times we can say this: HIRE A STYLIST. YOU CAN AFFORD ONE NOW. Also on the good side, though: hair and makeup. Pretty.

A: I actually thought Cameron Diaz looked good - and usually i think she is a fugly mess.

M: I thought she looked fantastic. But I’m curious about what the hell she was doing there.

A: Kristin Wiig made some upgrades too, although her boobs still look squished/strange.

M: She looked good, because she’s pretty, but yes, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BOOB SITUATION, LADY! I also wish she’d done a little more with her hair, perhaps.

A: I really liked Maya Rudolph's dress, but thought her hair did not go well with the dress - both were independently pretty.

M: (I couldn't remember this, so I had to look it up before commenting back later, at which point I said:) Also, I totally agree with you re: Maya Rudolph.

A: I loved Gwyneth's white dress. It was plain and simple but I liked it. Holy J.Lo!

(don't get yourselves in a tizzy -- we have extended commentary re: GP later, so there's a better photo coming)
M: Gwyn: best-dressed contender, I would say. She looked fabulous. All around. Dress was great, hair was simple and complementary, body looked SICK good. J.Lo… oh, J.Lo.

A: I wasn't a fan of Angie. I liked her dress, but like you said, she is wasting away. I thought her hair looked bad.

(can we talk about this pose that she had to do all night?!)

M: Go away you two. When Billy Crystal was doing the “what are they thinking” thing and it went to Brad Pitt, I was like, 'You look offensive. Move on, Billy.' Then when Natalie Portman did her Brad intro before the Best Actor award, I was like, 'Why does he have to pretend he’s so humble.' I wish these two would just “retire” like they keep threatening to do, so we can stop talking about them already.

A: What did you think of Rooney Mara? I can't decide. On one hand, I like it, but on the other, I don't like the mid-boob ruffle.

M: I don’t like it. I feel like it tried too hard. It had good potential, but it just didn’t pull through. For me, at least. Also, I feel like her styling and her dress didn’t fit – her hair (bangs) is too edgy to pull off such a feminine dress… she should have pulled her bangs to the side, or something… so that her hair/face looked softer with it. Look at me go!

A: What about Stacy Keibler? I thought it was a great color on her, but not a fan of the actual dress.

M: Loved the color… hair/makeup looked great. Boobs McGee, though. <side note: I realize this photo doesn't verify the "Boobs McGee" comment, but there was a moment in the telecast when the camera panned over to them and she was sort of leaned over strangely, and they just looked uncomfortably smooshed together and too high.>

Okay, our conversation continues shortly. Did you watch the Oscars? Did you participate in an Oscar Pool? I did - and I won! Woot!

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