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13 February 2012

More Paper Love

I hate to reveal this one, because, well, it's so freaking great I want to keep it all to myself, but that's not right, or mature, or fair, because, well, it's so freaking great. So-- YOU'RE WELCOME. Seriously, though... for Valentine's Day or any other reason, this might be the best way to tell your friend how great she or he is. Check this card out:

Remember the "Best Friends" friendship necklaces from childhood - one half of the heart to each pal? Well, here they are in a cute, sweet, contemporary card, thanks to the paper genius pair of Lisa and Jen of FareWell Paperie (shop on Etsy). I seriously think this might be the best paper-related idea ever, and as in love with it as I am, I'm also kind of annoyed I didn't think of it first.

You just write on the back of one half of the card and give or mail it off to your buddy, then she/he carefully separates the cards along the perforated edge, keeps her/his half, and gives/sends you back a sweet note on yours! Perfection, right?!

And the rest of the items in their little shop are equally delightful. Trust me. Or don't, but that would be silly.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my beautiful friends tomorrow. I love you more every day.

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  1. I love this idea!! I'll have to use it next year, since I already sent out my friends' valentines last week. I truly appreciate you sharing, I know how hard that can be sometimes. :)