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27 February 2012

Oscars 2012 Rehash-apaolooza #2

Carrying on our conversation from the previous post, A and I spent much of today back-and-forthing our way through Oscars 2012 fashion. Lots to sort through and digest, no? So, shall we continue? We shall. Here you go:

(reminder: A is in blue; M is in purple--but we're also identified by "A" and "M")

A: GP was definitely my best dressed. I didn't see her arrive on the Carpet but while perusing photos online I noticed she arrived with a CAPE. Holy God I want to be her. Also wasn't really sure why Cameron was there either.

Ok, let's go a little more controversial.

Michelle Williams? I'm sorry. I didn't like it. I liked the color, her hair and makeup looked good, but not a fan of the dress.

(I have to say, I like the color better in this photo than I did on live TV)
M: I also did not like Michelle Williams' look. And I usually really like her so much. Color fail for me, as well as the dress itself. Blah.

A: Tina Fey? More peplum. I thought this was an interesting choice for her - at least she was a little more fashion-forward with the peplum, but I don't know that it really did her any favors.

M: Tina Fey for me falls in the Eh category. Okay, fine, I guess.

A: Natalie Portman? Someone said it looked like the dress she wore last year. It was a bit similar. I wasn't the hugest fan but I didn't hate it. Put it in the "eh" category for me.

(Note: Neither A nor I noticed the polka dots on TV, and only saw them today in photos)
M: Natalie Portman wore a different (stupid) dress on the Carpet. Polka dots?! At the Oscars?! Excuse me? I'm just not an NP fan, but I thought she looked nice enough and much like she usually does--fine, that is--presenting. Moving on.

A: What did you think of Sandra Bullock? I liked it. I thought it was a good presenter dress.


Melissa Leo who I thought looked terrible.

M: Sandra Bullock… I agree with you, I think it was a good presenter dress. But I didn’t love it, really. She looks fantastic, though. And I like the ponytail trend, actually. Melissa Leo was TERRIBLE. She looked bad. She looked like she wasn’t wearing makeup. And she sounded so strange, didn’t she?!

Judy Greer looked really pretty, I thought, too. So did Jean Dujardin’s wife/ladyfriend.

A: I thought Judy Greer looked good - <A had to look up Jean Dujardin's wife/ladyfriend. Then...> oh she did look good! (M: they are an attractive pair!)

What did you think of Emma Stone? I felt like Nicole Kidman wore that exact same dress like 5 years ago.
M: I liked it, and I liked the color, but I think you might be right re: Nic Kid. (she was... here's NK in 2007:)

A: What did you think of Guiliana Rancic? I do not like her hair pulled back so severely!
M: Her hair (and as such, face) looked very severe, but the dress was great, I thought. Apparently I was a huge fan of white dresses this year.
And what did you think of Penelope Cruz, btw. I loved the color… and her hair/makeup. She’s just so gorgeous. BUT… I think the dress was a little heavy and overwhelming. I wish it had straps instead of the over-the-shoulder sleeves…
A: I agree entirely with you - it looked so heavy on her. I also thought it was pretty much along the lines of a Penelope Cruz dress. Which don't get me wrong - I love - but was rather safe for her.
M: But I did love that gunmetal blue.

Okay! That's it for today's verbal Oscar unloading. We'll organize ourselves a bit and be back with our categorized recaps starting tomorrow! What did you think of the show? Billy Crystal: yea or nay? Winners and losers: agree or disagree?

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