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23 August 2011

Gifts for the Home... Yours or Someone Else's

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to gifting because I love giving, but when I need to get one, I can never think of the perfect gift. That ever happen to you? It always happens to me. And since Pinterest is the answer to my I-can't-keep-track-of-all-of-my-amazing-ideas problem, it seemed only logical to start storing away some good gifting nuggets for use in the future. (Full disclosure: since I covet many of the things I've pinned, not all are pinned exclusively to the "Gifting" board, but also to the "Home" board, because a girl can dream and hope and save...) Here are some of my favorite for-the-home gift ideas I've pinned so far (p.s., follow me on Pinterest by clicking that "Follow Me on Pinterest" button on the right):

(paper mâché bowls by up in the air somewhere - about whom I've posted before)
(beautiful napkins by Knife In the Water)
(dandelion tea light holders from wapa)
(porcelain yoghurt bottle vases at LEIF, via Design*Sponge)
(off-center mod frames from Room & Board)
(and I am straight-up obsessed with these wall pots by tw pottery)
That's enough for now... what do you like to give as a home gift? What's the best homey gift you ever received?

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