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23 August 2011

A New Book Already

I highly recommend The Motel Life which I read in less than 24 hours. A real story, with real characters, and a pace of writing that was like a lighter-mooded Bukowski (read: easier to swallow). Very masculine, but very lyrical at the same time. It was a great change of pace, very entertaining, and while not upbeat in the least, sprinkled with true comedy and charm and whit.

So, I finished that and am on to the next.

Do you use Goodreads? It's basically Facebook for book nerds (so obviously I'm an active "member"). In January I decided, for the first time, to give myself a reading challenge for 2011. I am a good reader, but I often find at the end of the calendar year that I haven't read *as many* books as I thought I did. So via Goodreads I signed myself up for the 2011 Reading Challenge, and set the goal of reading 20 books in the calendar year. According to my tracker, I'm 5 books ahead of schedule! (NERD!)

I recommend Goodreads highly. It's a great way to find books to read, connect with other like-minded readers, track your own reading, record your reading thoughts... I use the "review" option after finishing a book to write something that will help me remember why I liked what I read when I read it. You know how you often remember you loved a book, but can't quite call up the story itself after some time has gone by? You just know you really liked it. This is helpful. Anyway, that's me.

Happy reading!

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