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30 August 2011

vini, Midi, vici

I came, I wore a sassy, mid-length skirt, and I conquered. Something like that.

Anyway, I'm totally digging this midi skirt trend - et tu, Brute?

(recently pinned... side note: I'm also really feeling these warm burnt oranges and browns lately)

It's just a great in-between length, which is actually quite flattering (believe me, I'm as surprised you, but I swear I don't look like an old timey librarian (NF: I promise I am referring to "old timey" not "new, modern, awesome timey" librarians) in this length!). It also helps it transition between all seasons. Seriously, with a tank and sandals, it's breezy and summery; with short or ballet-length sleeves, tights, and booties, it's great for fall; throw on a cute cardigan and swap your booties for boots and you're set for winter; and then back to your tucked-in t-shirt and some flats for spring. But it's got to hit you just right in order to be just right. Know what I'm sayin'? I mean, it can't land mid-calf. It's gotta go to somewhere between the very top of your knee or just below it to basically skimming the top of your calf. Nowhere else. Then it's perfect. Trust me, I know these things. <I don't know most things.>

Here are some good (and budget-friendlyish) ones (with links!):

(Four Seasons Pleated Skirt by Ruche - I recently bought this one, and it's great, but runs small, FYI ~$40)
(Spotted Moth Bandit Skirt - $55)
(A-line Panel Skirt @ Gap - $60 - rad shoes, too)
(Floral skirt by Old Navy - $33)
(Forever 21 Zig Zag Skirt - $20)
(INC International Concepts pencil midi at Macy's - $70)
(Top Shop - price in $ = ? but I'll look for it when the new location opens in Chicago in September!)

I promise I'll branch out color-wise when I go shopping for real.

What do you think? Do you like this length? Any other fall trends calling your name?

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