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(Owlet header image found via a Google Image search, and came from Etsy artist Bestiary Ink)

17 August 2011

This Top is Basically Rocking my World

On a lighter note... so, is anyone else about to go bananas on Old Navy because of their absolutely ridiculous and exceptionally annoying commercials of late? Stop Old Navy-fying the lyrics to some of the best songs of the late 80s and early 90s. For serious. I hate them.

But I don't hate this top. Not remotely. In fact, I kind of really love it and I'm borderline obsessed with it. In spite of its distinctive cut and shape, I may just have to buy it in the other colors. Also, it's on sale right now ($17.50), which rules. Because the top rules.

(this is the color, "dumpling," that I bought)

(this is the back - and how great is this poppy red-orange?!)
It is classic, yet sexy, sophisticated, and versatile. For work I'm wearing it with cropped pants and gold wedge sandals, but I tried it on with jeans and it was just as fantastic. The fit is great, too -- loose and even slightly baggy/off-shoulder-potential, but not shapeless in the least.

I would write a song about it to the melody of Candy Rain, but then I'd have to hire Barbie-faced dancers to fake-sing it and dance around in my living room, and I just don't have the budget for that.


  1. Love it!! Can't believe it's from Old Navy, they have such a way of surprising me sometimes!

  2. Old Navy can be so hit or miss. I will go check them out for some back to school outfits!