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03 August 2011

Nerdy Photo Project Attempt #2

'Member this post?

You already know I love reading and being the nerdy nerd mcnerdberg that I am. So, I'm reissuing a call to action on my Photo Project referenced in the link above. And since it elicited a whopping grand total of ZERO responses the first go-around, I have decided to at least start my own gallery o-book photos, because that first inspiring photo made me so happy. Instead of my favorite book, which I'm not sure I could nail down to just one, and none of which, anyway, do I carry in my work bag with me at all times, I have decided I will collect self-portraits of the books I'm currently reading.

If you haven't noticed, I keep a little box on the right-hand side of this blog there ---------------------------> with a log of what I'm currently reading, and a link to more info about it. So I'm going to start adding my little photos there as well. We'll see how this works! Okay, just tried it and can't figure it out, so for now I'll just post a pic each time I start a new book, and maybe eventually I'll sort that out (unless you know... do you?) Anyway, here's my first pic big-style in addition to in the box:

(photo taken on my iPhone)

Now you do it! Send me photos! hellerms[at]gmail[dot]com.

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