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(Owlet header image found via a Google Image search, and came from Etsy artist Bestiary Ink)

16 August 2011


I hate that I'm writing this post - just for the record. Not because of the content, per se, but because of the implications. It means I'm thinking about fall, which means I'm somehow thinking about the possibility/realization that summer won't last forever, which I consciously can't bare. BUT. It is what it is. During an extended lunch wandering through some shops last week I happened upon a fall accessory display that just made me itchy for crisp cool days necessitating stylish cozy goods. Scarves wrapped all around several times. No coats yet, but sweaters! Sweaters, people! And boots! BOOTS. And then, I saw a hat like this (the one I actually found has yet to be located online, which is comforting because that means I don't have to admit who it's by... ha!):

And suddenly I knew I'd drop everything to build my entire fall wardrobe around this single item. Isn't it fantastic?! Mine was a truer camel color, but just as magical. This might just be the beginning of a beautiful relationship between my closet and hats. Just sayin. Here are some more caps for your enjoyment:

(Old Navy)
(Urban Outfitters)

(Also Urban Outfitters)
This season could change how I feel about the term "head gear," just sayin'. How do you feel about fall?

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