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(Owlet header image found via a Google Image search, and came from Etsy artist Bestiary Ink)

13 October 2011


I guess this is just going to be a mostly nerdy post week. I'm okay with that. I hope you are too. I threw in some scarves and news (fine, news is nerdy) for a twist, but it is what it is. It's good for you!

Over on my (our) other project, Home Sweet Schwab, my husband and I are getting ready to tackle some more home updates to our painfully out-dated condo. We did a couple of major renovations in the past year (kitchen; floors), so though we need to overhaul both bathrooms, we're in a saving-for-that phase, and therefore have to do some lower-budget sprucing-up jobs in the meantime. Right now our focus is on the second bedroom, which currently serves a guest room, office, and storage space, and definitely needs some life zapped into it. This weekend we're painting, but I've also been thinking hard about decor and arranging (I have a Pinterest board dedicated to this space over here).

One of the first things I think I'll do after painting is move in some bookshelves. I have some short, 3-shelf, very basic ones from Target currently residing in our living room. I am thinking I'll replace those with taller, 5-shelf, sturdier ones out there, and move the shorties into the guest room. I have way too many books and other doo-dads, plus blogs and Pinterest only give me more and more ideas about creative shelf-styling with non-book items, so I need the real estate. Anyway, one investment I'd like to make for said shelves is bookends. I've never had them, but I've always admired and desired them. From the formal and traditional or academic to the whimsical and sentimental, I just think they're so neat! Here are a few I've found along the way. What do you think? Yea or nay on bookends? And if you answer 'yea,' then I'd like your help in selecting some!

(via Amazon)
(West Elm)
and then of course...

(Barnes and Noble)
Those owly guys inspired me to do an Etsy search, and holy moly, there are so many adorable owl bookends... and bookends in general!

I don't know what it is about bookends that draws me to them. Maybe its a little Old World flair, a dream of a grand library room in my future fantasy home, or something else, but I just find them so appealing. Nerdy, yes. Delightful, yes also! Don't you think?


  1. 100000 times YES to the Nerd ones!!! Those are so frickin cool!

  2. BOOKENDS! I have never been able to decide on some for myself either! There are too many options. I really love the dogs and the owls. The Nerd ones are pretty sweet too.