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18 October 2011

Sweaters, Scarves & Soup

It's cold. It's happening. I'm not happy about it.

All I can think about today is warmth, because I lack it. I've had soup for lunch two out of two days this week (both soup servings have been delicious, btw). I think I'm making corn chowder for dinner tomorrow night. Soup is cozy. Rather than dwelling on how I'm cold, and therefore require layers upon layers to create the sensation of warmth, imagining coziness is better, no? So here it is, an homage to the cozy warmth of sweaters, scarves, and soup. How do you keep warm?

Soft, Cozy Sweaters:

(1, 2, 3)
Fun & Snuggly Scarves:
(1--via, 2, 3)
Yum-Delicious Soups:

Here's a post from say YES! to hoboken, with links to recipes for 6 fall soup recipes that will warm you up from head to belly to toe. Nothing says cozy like a hearty bowl of soup, if you ask me! If I'm feeling successful, I'll post pics and a recipe for my corn chowder later this week. It's LITERALLY the best corn chowder on the planet, but this will be my first time attempting it myself...

(via say YES! to hoboken)

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  1. We should switch places, I swear! It is too warm in LA for me. I keep wishing it would get cold! It feels weird that it is 'fall' and 80 degrees outside, like when Starbucks is advertising pumpkin lattes - it's a total mind trick!