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11 October 2011

Think Good Thoughts!

Exciting news prospect on the wires... Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that a deal has been struck with Hamas for the release of St. Sgt. Gilad Shalit, held captive for over five years... According to the wires, Netanyahu says Shalit should be returned in days. Abducted at 19, little has been released or known of Shalit's fate or condition since 2006. This photo was released last week:

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Shalit's captivity in Gaza has been a cause taken up by people all over the world, and vigils, marches and rallies have been held to draw attention to his case internationally. In 2010, tens of thousands of Israelis marched with the soldier's family over the course of 12 days to raise awareness and demand attention, and his parents have spent many days in a tent outside the gates of the prime minister's home. The government has been under pressure to arrange for Shalit's release, and deals have fallen through in the past. However, earlier today, Netanyahu apparently phoned his parents to announce he was making good on his promise to bring their son home.

Of course, until he is home, he is still a prisoner. So... please think good thoughts. Bring Gilad Home!


(Disclaimer: all this copy is my own, based on my own knowledge following the case, and reading reports from news stories and wires online. I did no reporting - articles linked above are my sources for this post, which I do not consider an article. My concern for Shalit's safety is based on my compassion as a human being, not on any political position or national identification.)

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