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19 October 2011

Get It While It's Hot!

'Member the fixation I had with k.slademade clutches, etc.? And then I ordered mine (this one), and I LOOOOOOVE it. Every time I take it out for a spin, it gets lots of compliments. It's delightful. The pattern makes me smile, and that's worth a pretty penny in and of itself, if you ask me. Of course, since I pulled the trigger and made a selection, I have fallen in love with nearly every other clutch and second-guessed myself several times over. AND, Kelsea has created several new lovelies that just make my fingers twitch toward my wallet like a fiend. Consider these:

 Don't you love/want/need them all?! I love the pop of neon on the zippers of the blue and cream clutches, and the rich coral hue of that last one. What a fun way to keep the warmth of a season-gone-by in your wardrobe!

But guess what... she also makes some crazy-awesome accessories that are equal parts fun, sassy, and stylish. Feast your eyes:

(all photos via k.slademade on Etsy)

I love them! Don't you?! Don't you want them?!

Well, now you can grab 'em up! k.slademade is offering 15% off accessories (that's the bracelets... and there are more styles in her shop) with the code KSM15 good through midnight tonight! Go over there and snag yourself something, you deserve it! And while you're there, pick me up a clutch or that yummy tote. Fine, get it for yourself! Be that way.

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  1. Oh I am with you! All of her items are to die for!!