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19 April 2011

Blue Ceramics

I LOOOOOOOVE ceramics. They remind me of home... in fact, they might be one of the *things* that most reminds me of home, for some reason. I grew up in a small, artsy, college town, and the hand-made is definitely an elevated art form there, perhaps sometimes too much so. But still. And my parents have impeccable taste. They, too, love ceramics, and the pieces that they've collected, whether functional or just pretty to look at, instilled in me this love as well. There's something about when a piece speaks to you... just the connection, then, that you'll always have because it evoked a reaction when you first saw it. The few pieces that I, myself, have begun to gather in my own home do just that -- they make me feel just what I felt when I first spied them, every time I see them. I love giving unique ceramic pieces as gifts, too, just as much as keeping them for my own...

So when I stumbled upon these today, I just felt... melting.

I am sad to discover that I found Elephant Ceramics in a moment when every single piece was sold out, but I will most certainly keep checking-back REGULARLY for the exact minute when the site is updated with what are sure to be more stunning new items. I feel like I uncovered a hidden gem! The curve of the lines, the subtle sweep of color, the nuances of the glaze... they're just absolutely beautiful. Each and every one. Check out the rest of the site here. And the lovely blog, too! Michele Michael has found herself a new fan - big time!

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