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29 April 2011

Head Gear Awesomeness

I made my comment earlier about the Royal wedding hullabaloo, so I won't repeat myself. Nor will I post photos of Kate and Wills, or comment on all the goings-on, because it's only 9:40am Central Time, and it's already been done to the nth degree. However, I will comment on the HATS! Because I freaking love how the British ladies do hats. As my friend A said in an email this morning, awesome hats are why American ladies want to go to the horse races, and I agree. One day I'll rock a crazy overly-feathered, majorly-veiled number to the Derby. In the meantime, my favorite hats from all the Brit-coverage today so far:

(Gotta start with the piece de resistance: a) he's carrying a top hat! and looks crazy-good; b) her hat rocks my universe, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. They rule. It cannot be argued.)
And now we take it to to the next hat-level... First, some important hats:

(not so mumsy mums' hats)
(proud parental hats)
(seriously fabulous - hat-to-lip color-to-dress)
(in the grand scheme of this thing... kinda boring hats? we'll go with "demure")
(what the what?! awesome hats, princesses!)
(side-view hat-greatness)
(rear-view even greater hat-and-coat greatness)
(chic and beautiful blue hat)
(wheelchair hat)
(more guest hat competition)
(solo hat arrival-with-grand-wave)
(Princess Victoria hat - what a gorgeous color!)
(same hat, different view)
Crowds of hats:

(hats: top-view)
(patient and proper in hats)
(hat chaos)
(so much international hat variety!)

And a couple cool random hats:

(photog hat-in-action)
(Patriotic Hat-Happiness)
I simply cannot get enough of these.

Photo Credits: Reuters, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/AP photos

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