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25 April 2011

Chanel Nails

I love Chanel. It's my fantasy label. I want to be fancy and only wear Chanel scents and makeup, and only carry a Chanel bag, and in spite of my aversion to the style, maybe even have a Chanel skirt-suit for extra special occasions. I bought some Chanel lip color for my wedding nearly two years ago, and I use it sparingly to make it last... I also got a Chanel perfume sample with a purchase that I want to have forever. One day I'll gift myself a WHOLE BOTTLE (I want a signature scent so badly -- my grandmother had one, and I keep a bottle of her perfume on my nightstand just so I can smell her. It *is* her.).

Recently I've seen a bunch of ads and a few other postings referencing Chanel's new summer nail color collection, available only for a limited time.

So pretty. So delicate. So fancy. And so perfectly named. Mimosa, Beige Petale, Morning Rose. Is $25 for a bottle of fancy nail color ridiculous? Too indulgent? Or totally warranted?!

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