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21 April 2011

Urban Garden Inspiration

My desire to create and develop a workable urban garden on my *new* balcony has grown nearly daily (maybe hourly) since the weather has slowly started improving (and then diminish, and then improve again, and then diminish, but hopefully to improve more consistently soon... oh, Chicago). Last weekend I wandered about the beautiful (but entirely overwhelming) Gethsemane Garden Center for inspiration. I got very over-stimulated and intimidated, and just walked around and around and then left. I'm going back this weekend or next to make purchases (I've recruited a partner for assistance -- thanks, E!). But in the meantime, I'm just dreaming about what might work on the balcony and collecting ideas...

(Basil Herb Kit from Pottery Barn, via RUE)
(herbs in general... I used to have one of these pots, only smaller, when we lived in Boston...)
(Organic Dwarf Meyer Lemon Topiary from Viva Terra)
(mmm... garlic's my favorite...)
(I know I want to do some veggies; cherry or grape tomatoes maybe? they can grow in a pretty pot...)
(I've always loved pansies... and I especially love the multi-colored flats of them at garden stores. So cheerful!)
(snapdragons just always remind me of home)
(and a beautiful, soft lavender plant)
What else would work for my urban garden? I don't want to bite off more than I can chew... but I'm so excited about it! What other veggies would be good for a starter?

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  1. M-there are a fair amount of miniture veggies well suited to container gardening. Also check out Gayla Trail, she grows everything in containers: