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(Owlet header image found via a Google Image search, and came from Etsy artist Bestiary Ink)

14 April 2011

Christian Wijnants (via Where the Lovely Things Are)

Gawd I just love my Google Reader. At the end of a trail of clicked links, I find a new blog or site or designer or artist to adore nearly every day. I do. I love Where the Lovely Things Are. Love. And thanks to Mallory, I found and now love Christian Wijnants. Yowza! This slideshow of looks literally stole my breath.

(via here)
The styling, the easy, natural-yet-perfectly-placed drape, the peak-through of skin on a shoulder, the necklines (the necklines!)... I'm in love. If you go to the CW site, I particularly love #s 30, 32, and 34. COVET.

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