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28 April 2011

Major Confession...

... I'm *still* a giant New Kids on the Block fan. Their appearance on this week's Dancing with the Stars results show gave me major heart palpitations and had me as giggly and giddy as I felt when I wept when I saw them in the flesh, walking in front of our row at the Red Sox game when I was nine. I cried that day. And I think if I saw them today in a similar way, it might conjure a similar reaction, though with way more shame (not because I love them, but because I'm 31 and I'm way more self-conscious than I was at nine). I'm now listening to my NKOTB Pandora station and it's making the work day way more pleasant than normal. I love how Pandora works. I put in "New Kids on the Block" (and a few other boy bands), and I'm already enjoying Bel Biv Devo and Madonna! Good one, Pandora algorithm!

(then... amazing)

(now... still amazing)
Sigh and swoon. (Please don't judge me too harshly... okay, go ahead. I am who I am.)

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