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26 April 2011

Chicago Photography

There's a small photography studio in the mall next to my office building. It's pretty Chicago-ey. While I love this city, and this skyline, I often find that the photos of it I see around are a little cliché, or too touristy. But a few shots I've seen in the window of this studio/shop, as I passed through, have actually always caught my eye. So last week, I went in. And I found that I really liked *a lot* of his work. The artist is Cesar Russ. Even his skyline shots are more interesting than many I've seen. But what I am loving, are these:

and the rest of his Crown Fountain Collection.

He's not all about Chicago, but he's clearly found interesting perspectives on a city that he loves, and I'm really enjoying the discovery of his work. I would love a huge wide print of one of these hand-splashy ones...

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