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(Owlet header image found via a Google Image search, and came from Etsy artist Bestiary Ink)

14 April 2011


Remember that old MTV show, I think it was called, "Becoming"? Fans would get the ultimate makeover to look like their favorite music artists, and, surprise! the artist was in on it and gave them tons of free stuff, and then they would get to shoot a professional copy of their favorite star's video! I always wanted to Become Gwen Stefani. I even went so far as to recruit potential band-mates from the restaurant where I worked in College so we could Become No Doubt, because, imagine the amazing-ness of that experience?! Doesn't she always just look amazing?

(via Star Style Inc.)
(also Star Style Inc.)
I have been thinking about her since I saw a fabulous shot of her on The Big Picture slideshow on E! Online earlier today - can't seem to locate a copy of that shot I can use, though, but the link is here. So, I just started looking for other awesome images of her. Even her most casual going-to-visit-her-parents looks are outrageously amazing. And all her own. I would still Become her if given the opportunity. And shoot a fake music video.

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